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Quality Cat Meat Since 1989

Farming for the Future

As a carbon-neutral company, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Through organic & regenerative practices, our nose-to-tail approach is what drives our goal of zero-waste by 2030.

Happy Paws, Happy Plates

Here at Happy Paws, we recognize the growing concern for animal welfare. That is why we are dedicated to using only the most humane farming practices.

Our Standards

Humanely Raised and Processed



Family Owned

No Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

No Artificial Colours

No Tail-Docking

No Nitrates or Artificial Preservatives

If this upsets you, please note:

These cats are not pets, they are our livestock; bred and raised for the purpose of consumption. We love our cats; we treat them like family, but it’s the circle of life, and we can’t live without cat legs! You’re well within your rights to have a cat as a pet, just as we are well within our rights to eat them if we want to.

Happy Hooves Pig Meat
Feel the same way?

Don't want to think about it?
That's totally normal!

Most of us feel discomfort or defensive when confronted with something like this, but instead of giving in to that discomfort, let’s explore it a little bit.

If not, why?
Many of the animals we traditionally kill carry the same characteristics we love about cats!
Farm Sanctuary

Cows will "purr" when content, form strong bonds with their loved ones, enjoy music, and tend to love long snuggles!

Gentle Barn

Pigs are among the most intelligent animals on earth, are very playful, and love belly rubs!


Chickens and turkeys also "purr" when feeling loved, have over 30 different ways to communicate, and can recognize over 100 different faces!


Fish are surprisingly intelligent, feel pleasure & pain, have great memories, and form complex relationships!


Sheep are emotionally complex, observant of other's emotions, and are excellent problem solvers!


Goats are playful, smart, phenomenal climbers, and love play structures!


But We Don't Need To Hurt Them Anymore!

Faux furs & leathers, cruelty-free cosmetics, and mock meats are advancing more and more every year! Not only do we have access to all the plant-based proteins imaginable, but now we don’t even have to give up our ice creams, burgers, and cheeses!

Happy Paws Cat Meat does not exist. We are a satire activism site that mocks "humane" animal farms.

However, we hope you might take some time to think about why a "humane" cat farm made you angry, but not the farming and slaughter of trillions of other animals (who are just like cats in all the ways that matter).


*No cats were harmed in the making of this site.

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